The Jennie Beanie- Free Crochet Pattern

**Below you will find the free crochet pattern for the Jennie Beanie.  Please make sure to read through all pattern notes before starting this beanie, you may also find the blog post with a free picture tutorial helpful.  You can also purchase the inexpensive PDF if this pattern from our Etsy shop here, for a concise, large font and ad-free version of this pattern.


And if you love this pattern, but want to make it in a different size, you can now purchase the fully-graded PDF from Etsy or Ravelry.  Available in sizes newborn-adult male on Etsy here or on Ravelry here.  This PDF also includes extensive notes on how to completely customize this beanie to fit your gauge, specific yarn choice, hook choice and more.**


If you’re like me and love the look of knit, but prefer to crochet, then this pattern is for you!

Beginner level crochet stitches come together to bring you clean lines, with a bit of elegance, perfect for any fashion style.


If you can slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet and double crochet, then you can make this beanie!

It is also easy to convert this beanie hat from a slouchy style to a well fitted winter cap, with a simple fold of the brim.


I hope you enjoy making this versatile and beautiful knit-looking beanie as much as I did.

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What You’ll Need

6.00mm (US J) crochet hook

2 skeins of worsted weight 4 yarn (*or thin bulky weight 5 yarn- see pattern notes*) – approximately 250 yards

Embroidery Needle


Faux Fur Pom Pom (optional)

Completed Measurements 

19 1/2 ” circumference

11 1/2″ tall (unfolded)

Gauge Used

16 hdc ss in blo= 4″

16 rows= 4″


ch= chain

hdc= half double crochet

ss= slip stitch

WS= wrong side

RS=right side

blo= back loops only

sc= single crochet

dc= double crochet

Special Stitches

hdc ss = yarn over, insert hook into designated stitch/loop and pull up a loop.  Pull that loop through the 2 loops on hook.

Pattern Notes

  • This pattern is written in US standard size and abbreviations
  • *I’ve also made this beanie using Caron X Pantone Yarn (as shown in pictures on this post), which is rated as a category 5 weight yarn, but is very similar in bulk to a worsted weight (category 4) yarn.  The pattern is written for worst weight yarn since that is a far more common weight yarn, but if you would like to make this in a yarn similar to the Caron X Pantone, you certainly can. This will result in a beanie with a circumference of roughly 20″.
  • This beanie consists of one rectangular piece, seamed together to create a cylinder, then closed up at the top.  This makes modifying the hat easy to accommodate a variety of head sizes, make sure to check out our blog post for more information on customizing the size of this beanie.
  • Each row needs to be worked in a multiple of 2.  So if you want to make this shorter, or taller, or want to adjust the brim length, you simply need to adjust the stitch count of each row by 2.
  • The stitches that make up this beanie offer a lot of give, so while the circumference size may concern you if you have a larger head circumference, I recommend trying out the pattern as written before adding more rows.
  • Every seed stitch portion should start with a single crochet and end in a double crochet


Foundation: ch 48, starting in 3rd ch from hook, hdc ss across, turn (46)

Row 1(WS): ch 2, hdc ss in blo across, turn (46)

Row 2 (RS): ch 2, hdc ss in blo 12, *sc in blo, dc in blo, repeat from * across (ending with a dc in blo), turn (46)

Row 3: ch 1, *sc, dc, repeat from * 16 more times, hdc ss in blo 12, turn (46)

Row 4: ch 2, hdc ss in blo 12, *sc, dc, repeat from * across, turn (46)

Row 5-6: repeat rows 3 & 4 (46)

Row 7-9: ch 2, hdc ss in blo across, turn (46)

Row 10-65: repeat rows 2-9 7 more times (46)

Row 66: ch 2, hdc ss in blo 12, *sc in blo, dc in blo, repeat from * across (ending with a dc in blo), turn (46)

Row 67: ch 1, *sc, dc, repeat from * 16 more times, hdc ss in blo 12, turn (46)

Row 68: ch 2, hdc ss in blo 12, *sc, dc, repeat from * across, turn (46)

Row 69-70: repeat rows 67 & 68 (46)

Row 71: ch 2, hdc ss in blo across, turn (46)

Row 72: With the right side facing in, bring the foundation row and row 71 together and ss the foundation chs to the 3rd loops (loops furthest from you) of each hdc of row 71 across, joining the two rows and creating a cylinder.  Fasten off leaving long tail. (46)

Weave the tail in and out of the top of the rows around the cylinder and pull tight to close. Continue using the tail to tie opposite ends of top together, making sure it’s completely closed.  Add faux fur pom pom if desired.  You can find a free tutorial of making your own pom poms here.

Jennie Beanie Crochet Pattern.jpg

Jennie Beanie 2.png

The Jennie Beanie Pattern 3.png




  • making this hat for my friend. this pattern is based!

    • Thanks for giving it a try, I hope you love it!

  • I love this pattern. The hat is so cute…is there a mitten pattern that would match?

    • Hi Shannon, thanks so much for the kind words! I do not have a matching mitten set for this pattern, but that would be adorable! Might have to add that to the list of “to do’s” ☺️

      • If you do let me know! I am making this hat for my daughter and would love to make matching mittens.

  • my sister brought me some yarn from Ireland. Im going to make your hat with it! Hopefully there will be enough left to make her one too!

    • Oh that is amazing, there’s nothing quite as sweet as wool yarn straight from the source! I hope you enjoy making the beanie and are able to get the 2 out of your supplies! ☺️

  • I am working this pattern right now. I am confusing myself however, are the sc and dc alway back loop?

    • Hi Kelly,

      thanks so much for reaching out!
      The only time the seed stitch pattern (Sc,dc) will be worked into the back loops is when specifically mentioned. Otherwise, they’ll be worked as normal stitches under the “V” of each stitch. 😊

      Hope this helps and Happy Crocheting!

  • I love the look of this hat pattern! I’m of the ‘Can never have enough hats’ school of thought and I love crocheting them.

    • Haha, I’m right there with ya! Crocheting hats is one of my favorite makes. And thanks so much for the kind words! ☺️

  • I love this hat! I’ve made some for myself and family, but now I’ve had a request for youth sizes… I’m not a designer, do you have any recommendations for modifications for smaller sizes? Thanks!

    • Hi Jennifer,

      thanks so much for the kind words, I’m so happy you like the beanie and so does your family!

      I had actually planned on going back and grading this pattern (as well as some of my others) for multiple sizes. Since you requested it, I’ll start by grading this one and will try to have the additional sizes posted by the end of next week.😁

      Hope that will help, and thank you again!

  • I love this hat! I’m all about the slouchy ones 🙂 but row 71 is confusing me, obviously I’m going to ss the first and last rows together, I was just wondering why it says to slip row 54? Again, I love this pattern! Thank you so much for making it 🙂

    • Ugh, thank you so much for bringing this to my attention! This was a total typo, you are correct in your thinking that you are to ss the first and last rows together, it should say “row 70”, not “row 54”. I am correcting the pattern now. Thanks again!

      • Thank YOU for such an awesome/beautiful pattern! I’ve made 3 so far, for myself haha 🙂

      • Blahaha, just made my day! Thanks for the kind words

  • I don’t understand the hdc ss as you explain it. Is it basically a half double crochet and the slip stitch in the same stitch?

    • Yeah, sorry, it was a bit difficult to explain and I didn’t get the chance to do a video tutorial on it. I like to think of it more like an extended slip stitch. It’s worked exactly like a normal slip stitch, but with a yarn over at the beginning, like in a hdc. I also updated the stitch description. Hope this helps!

    • Beautiful work and can’t wait to get started on my own hat. Thank you for sharing. ❤

      • Thanks so much for the kind words! I hope you enjoy making your own 🥰

  • Can you please add your patterns on ravelry?,! There is one on there now. Thank you

    • Hi Cindy, thanks for reaching out! Adding patterns to Ravelry has been a bit of a learning curve for me, but something that’s been on my to-do list for a while. Hoping to get all of my patterns on there within the next few months, but just haven’t found the time yet. That being said, I just went threw and added this Beanie as a pattern for my page on there. Hope this helps you out!

      • This was an easy pattern that looks intricate and detailed. I absolutely love it!

      • Thanks so much for giving this pattern a try! I’m so happy to hear you loved the way it turned out!

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