Our Purpose

With the rebrand of 2019, we are changing directions from this “stitch”-focused blog to spend more time on the “Purpose”, making us more of an organization focused on charity.  While we will continue to work in the background of making us a bonafide non-for-profit, we will be spending more time on the educational leg of the rebrand.

Check out our Educational Posts page and our Resource page to learn more!

Mission Statement

We believe that every man, woman and child was created in God’s image and with a purpose.  That every man, woman and child should have the opportunity to live a life free from chains, whether physical or emotional.  

We also believe that we can help eradicate modern day slavery through the use of prayer, education and sharing our love of crafting. 

Our goals for the next 5 years

  • To educated crafters of the realness of modern day slavery, and sex trafficking
  • To educate on ethical craft alternatives to the maker community
  • To provide those impacted by human trafficking with homemade items prayed over by other crafters (i.e. beanies, garments, amigurumi, etc)
  • To transform A Purpose and A Stitch into a charitable organization whose goal is to educate and aid in the fight against human trafficking, specifically through the help of the crafting community.
  • To design a line of crochet and knit patterns that are exclusively sold through the A Purpose and A Stitch store, with all proceeds going to support our charity and other charities focused on fighting human trafficking.
  • To use crochet and knitting as a means of connecting makers with women and children victimized by sex trafficking and teaching them how to crochet or knit as a way to empower them, express themselves, relieve stress and start new. 
  • To provide those impacted by human trafficking with free access to crafting tools so that they may easy access to a new experience in life. 
  • To partner with yarn companies and other craft distributors in order to provide easier access to products that ensure fair trade standards.  


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