Put Your Best Hook Forward- Pattern Party #2

I’ve teamed up with the super sweet Ashley of edythblayn.com to host a crochet pattern party every other week called, “Put Your Best Hook Forward”.  This pattern party is a fun way to share your free crochet patterns, vote on your favorite and find some new free projects to work up!

We launched our first party 2 weeks ago, and had a blast getting to see all your free crochet designs!  Seriously, thank you so much to everyone who contributed!

I also absolutely love that we have this platform available for you to be able to find free crochet patterns by other designers, that you might otherwise not have been able to find and hope you’ll keep this party in mind next time you’re looking for your next FREE crochet pattern.

This week Ashley and I have teamed up to share two more of our free patterns with you in tandem with the party.


Slouchy Bead Hat by Ashley of Edyth Blayn
Andes Fair Isle Mittens by A Purpose and A Stitch

We also want to congratulate the top 5 winners from the last party!


1. Verona Beanie by Rebekah’s Haas and Home
2. Slouchy Stripes Backpack by Mandie the Mommy
3. Emily’s Blanket by Mandie the Mommy
4. Autumn Dream by Barbara Fruschi’s
5. Crochet Breakfast Food by The Burgundy Basket
6. Wavy Daze Hat by Goddess Crochet
If you entered in the last party, but did not win, we hope you’ll participate again and feel free to share the same pattern. If you did win, we also hope you’ll participate again and share a new pattern!

Starting today (02/13/2019 at 8:00am) until the Monday before the next party starts (02/25/19) our party will be accepting free crochet patterns for submission to the party.  For the next two weeks, you can vote on your favorite, and at the end of the 2 weeks, we will announce the 5 most voted for patterns!  The top clicked patterns will be featured in the next pattern party, and the voting and pattern submission will start again.

The rules are simple.  We’re looking for pattern designers to submit their free crochet patterns (please no links to finished products, pins, tutorials, or paid patterns at this time).  We would like to keep things open to as many designers as possible, so we are asking that submitters do not repeat patterns that have previously won.  All patterns submitted by you must be your original work, and be linked directly to your free pattern’s URL (not to another page on your site or a third party pattern host site).

Voting is easy.  You simply click on the picture of the pattern you like best (taking you to the free pattern), and that will count as a vote.  We’re hoping you will all take a second to show your support to your fellow makers and vote.  We’ll also be sure to send out plenty of reminders to vote on social media!  ;-D

To submit a pattern or to vote, please visit our party page below: 

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