Andes Fair Isle Mittens- Free Pattern

**Below you will find the concise written pattern for the Andes Fair Isle Crochet Mittens.  For a helpful step-by-step picture tutorial, I hope you’ll check out our blog post regarding these mittens here.**

I had so much fun making these Andes Fair Isle Mittens using Caron X Pantone yarn!

There are so many fun color schemes in that yarn that the possibilities of how these mittens could look are pretty much endless!


These mittens are far easier to make then you might imagine!  The color changes gives an illusion of complexity, but you are only changing between 2 colors at a time, making that part pretty simple.  The pattern is also written completely in single crochet stitches, with just a few decreases to close up the thumb and finger portion.

The yarn used is also extremely soft, and using the 6 mm crochet hook creates a tight stitch, making these perfect for cold, windy winter climates.

I will say my one disappointment was that I couldn’t figure out a design using just one braid of this yarn, and trust me folks, I tried!  I literally tried 4 different ways of making these using a fair isle pattern, with a hook that didn’t have too much gapping, and would fit most adult female hands and it just wasn’t going to happen with only one braid.

But I like to make lemonade (it’s my all time favorite summer drink after all!), so I am currently working up a pattern that will use the remainder yarn from the second braid.

IMG_1163.JPGSo save that yarn! I promise, I’ll get you a pattern to use it up. ๐Ÿ™‚

I used a bright and colorful colorway for the mittens shown, but have also made these mittens in a greyscale ombre colorway as well.  Make sure you’re following us on Instagram to see more of these crocheted mittens in all different colors.  And don’t forget to share your completed Andes Fair Isle Mittens with us!  We LOVE to see our readers work!

Please make sure to read through all pattern notes before starting these mittens.  I also highly recommend checking out the step-by-step picture tutorial here for additional tips and recommendations of making these super fun and cozy mittens!


What You’ll Need

2 braids of Caron X Pantone yarn (or 5 colors of a very fine category 5 yarn- approximately 28 yards in for the 1st and 2nd colors and approximately 34 yards for the 3rd, and 5th colors and approximately 38 yards in the 4th color) I used the Frozen Berry colorway for the mittens pictured. 

6.00 mm crochet hook

embroidery needle


My Amazon Picks 

Completed Measurements 

10 ยฝโ€ long

4โ€ wide

Gauge Used

17 sc stitches = 4โ€

16 rows = 4โ€

Abbreviations Used

ch= chain

sc= single crochet

blo=back loops only

st= stitch

ss= slip stitch

dec= decrease (single crochet 2 together)

p/u= pick up

Pattern Notes

  • Pattern is written in US standards
  • When indicated the “primary color” will be the main color of the design, or the color of the background. Whereas the “secondary color” will be the carried color, used only to create the design.
  • ** You can also join the cuff by slip stitching in the back loops of row 30 to the foundation chain.  This makes for a little wider of a cuff, but prevents you needing to fasten off and rejoining the primary color in round 2 of the tapestry grid.**
  • Color changes are worked as such:  insert hook, pull up a loop in secondary color, yarn over in primary color, and pull through both loops on your hook.
  • I have provided two tapestry grids for your convenience.  The first shows every stitch until the 30th round, and the second while still showing each round will only show the first few stitches of the design.  To follow the second grid, you will simply repeat it around.  Feel free to use either or.
  • The palm section is worked in joined rounds, whereas the top of the fingers and thumb portion are worked in continuous rounds

Cuff Pattern (make 2) 

Foundation ch 8, turn

Row 1 ch 1, starting in 2nd ch from hook, sc in blo across, turn (7)

Row 2-32 ch 2, sc in blo across (7)

Join the foundation row to the last row, creating a cylinder for the cuff.

Mitten Pattern (make 2) 

**This portion is worked in joined rounds until the 31st round**

Foundation: [in second color] p/u 32 sc around the top of the cuff, ss into the first st of previous round (32)

Round 1-13: ch 1, sc around following the tapestry grid provided below, changing colors as indicated, ss into 1st st of previous round (32)

Round 14 (Right Hand): [in third color] ch 1, sc 21, sk 7, ch 7, sc 4, ss into 1st st of previous round (32)

Round 14 (Left Hand): [in third color] ch 1, sc 4, sk 7, ch 7, sc 21, ss into 1st st of previous round (32)

Round 15-30: [continuing in third color] ch 1, sc around following the tapestry grid, changing colors as indicated, ss into 1st st of previous round (32) 

First Grid

Fair Isle Mittens graph_

Second Grid

small graph fair isle no brim

**from round 31 on you will be working continuous rounds vs the joined rounds previously**

Round 31: [continuing in fifth color for the remainder of the finger portion] *sc 6, dec, repeat from * around (28)

Round 32: *sc 5, dec, repeat from * around (24)

Round 33: *sc 4, dec, repeat from * around (20)

Round 34: *sc 3, dec, repeat from * around (16)

Round 35: *sc 2, dec, repeat from * around (12)

Round 36: *sc 1, dec, repeat from * around, fasten off leaving a long tail and weave tail in and out around the top stitches.  Pull tight and tie off.  Weave in end (8)

Thumb Pattern (on each mitten)

** The thumb is worked in continuous rounds, vs the joined rounds**

Foundation: [in third color] starting at an outer edge of the thumb hole, p/u 15 sc sts around (15)

Round 1: sc around (15)

Round 2: *sc 3, dec, repeat from * around (12)

Round 3-9: [switch to fourth color] and sc around (12)

Round 10: *sc 2, dec, repeat from * around (9)

Round 11-12: sc around (9)

Round 13: *sc 1, dec, repeat from * around, fo, leaving tail, use tail to weave in and out around top stitches, and pull tight.  Tie off and weave in (6)

Your Andes Fair Isle Mittens are now complete!  I hope you enjoyed making these crocheted Mittens as much as I did!

Andes Fair Isle Mittens.jpg


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