Cabled Ornament Cozy

 About The Design

Alright y’all, it’s finally here! Although, maybe not in the way you imagined it, but I’ve been promising it for a while, and had to live up to that…

I’m referring to a video tutorial for the Brilliant Cables Beanie of course. Oh, you thought I was talking about this ornament cozy? haha, yeah no. This beautiful Cabled Ornament Cozy was a wonderful bonus of me setting out to record a video tutorial for working our braided cables in the round.

When I designed our Brilliant Cables Beanie in Worsted earlier this year, I had intended to do a video tutorial then, but alas, life. A month or so passed and I found myself smack dab in the middle of busy season, with a mega sweater test underway and absolutely no time to do a full fledged video tutorial for a beanie. BUT a small scale tutorial, to show the braided cables worked in the round. That I could maybe squeeze in.

And while I was it, I figured, why not turn it into a festive pattern? So here we are, a Cabled Ornament Cozy, perfect for a quick gift, and an easy way to learn how to make braided cables in the round, so you can make your very own Brilliant Cables Beanie, and whatever other cabled pattern I come up with in the future. ๐Ÿ˜‰

About The Materials Used

For this pattern, I recommend an aran weight yarn. But be careful, aran is still a category 4 by yarn standards, but slightly finer then a worsted weight yarn. The aran weight makes for a less bulky cozy, and smoother cabling all around. For my ornaments, I used Lion Brand’s Wool Ease, and Red Heart’s Soft yarn with great success. Lion Brand’s Jeans and ZZ Twist would also make for good ornaments, or Knit Picks/ We Crochet’s Mighty Stitch would also work well.

For the actual ornament, I used a cheap craft ornament from Hobby Lobby. I’ve seen similar ones from other craft stores, but anything listed as 2.5-3″ diameter would work well, as these cozies have a bit of stretch. If you don’t have a craft ornament on hand and don’t really feel like braving the stores in 2020 (who can blame you?), you could also try stuffing it with Fiberfill. Just please know, that I have not tried this method for any of my ornaments, so I’m not making any promises that it’ll turn out well.

About The Pattern

Since this was such a quick and easy pattern for me to design, I wanted to do a little something extra with it. So, rather than this pattern’s PDF being listed for sale in one of our shops, I’m offering it as a free bonus for the whole month of December to our Email subscribers. The only way to get this pattern’s PDF is if you are a newsletter subscriber (don’t worry, I promise not to spam your inbox! We only send pattern release emails, yarn shop update information and special promotionals like this!). But hurry! Come 01/01/2021, the free PDF for this pattern will be replaced by a different promotional and the PDF will only be listed and only available for sale in our shops.

Really really don’t want to become an email subscriber, or don’t have an email? That’s okay, we can still be friends ๐Ÿ˜ฌ . The pattern is listed for FREE below and will remain there all year long!

What You Need 
  • 4.5 mm (US 7)crochet hook (or hook to obtain gauge)
  • 1 skeins of worsted weight (#4) yarn (approximately 30 yards)
  • Scissors
  • embroidery/darning needle
  • Glass craft ornament 
Completed Measurements 
10โ€ circumference


3.5โ€ tall 

Gauge Used

12 sts worked over rounds 3-6=


Abbreviations Used 
ch= chain

inc= increase (sc 2 into 1 stitch)

sc= single crochet

Sc2tog= single crochet two together

Sl st= slip stitch

tr= treble crochet 

st= stitch

FPtr= front post treble crochet

FPdc= front post double crochet

BPdc= back post double crochet 

Special Stitches
Magic Ring= Wrap yarn around index finger. Insert hook into ring on finger, yarn over and draw up a loop. Carefully slip ring from finger and work the stitches of round into the ring.

FPtr= front post teble crochet: yarn over twice, [working in front of your work] insert hook behind post, yarn over, pull up loop,  yarn over, pull through 2 loops, yarn over, pull through 2 loops, yarn over and pull through remaining 2 loops

FPdc= front post double crochet: yarn over, [working in front of your work] insert your hook in front of post, yarn over, pull up  loop, yarn over, pull through 2 loops, yarn over and pull through remaining 2 loops

BPdc= back post double crochet: yarn over, [working behind your work] insert your hook in front of post, yarn over, pull up  loop, yarn over, pull through 2 loops, yarn over and pull through remaining 2 loops

FPDTF: front post double treble crochet in front of the stitches just skipped

FPDTB: front post double treble crochet behind the stitches just skipped

Pattern Notes
  • This pattern uses US standards
  • This is an intermediate level pattern.  If you are new to cable crochet, I highly recommend visiting our website where you will find a step-by-step picture tutorial as well as a video tutorial working braided cables. 
  • The starting sc rounds are worked in continuous rounds, I recommend placing a stitch marker in the starting stitch as you go. 
  • The starting ch 3 for the cabling portion does not count as a stitch. 
  • Once cabling begins, the stitch locations will change. To help identify which stitch comes next, I recommend pulling the sides of your work a bit to straighten out the round prior.  
  • You should also note that the back post treble crochet between each group of 9 will be in the same location on each round.
  • Take care to note the abbreviations in each round and look out specifically for the FPDTB stitch, if you accidentally work a FPDTF instead, the cabling will not look braided. 

Cozy Pattern

Foundation: work 10 sc into the MR. (10)

Round 1: inc in each st around (20)

Round 2: *sc, inc*, repeat from * to * around (30) 

Round 3: sl st into 1st st, ch 3, *FPtr 9, BPdc 1*, repeat from * to * around. 

Round 4: sl st into 1st FPdc, ch 3, *sk 3, FPtr 3, FPDTF 3, FPdc 3, BPdc 1*, repeat from * to * around. 

Round 5: sl st into 1st FPtr, ch 3, *FPdc 9, BPdc 1*, repeat from * to * around. 

Round 6: sl st into 1st FPdc, ch 3, *FPdc 3, sk 3, FPtr 3, FPDTB 3, BPdc 1*, repeat from * to * around. 

Round 7-10: repeat rounds 3-6. 

Round 11: sl st into 1st FPdc, ch 1, sc2tog around. 

Fasten off leaving about a 5โ€ tail.  Insert glass ornament into the cozy, with top of ornament at the top of the cozy opening. 

Use tail to weave in and out around stitches of round 11, Pull tail tight to close the cozy around the top of the ornament Tie off and weave in ends.

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