Star Spangled Clutch- Free Pattern

About The Design

About two years ago I made the Star Spangled Beach Tote.  It is still one of my favorite makes today, and I use it all the time, especially during the summer as it works so well to carry all the water gear in! 

Like the Start Spangled Beach Tote, this clutch features the Star Stitch and half double crochets with some color stripes.  I also added a bit more pizzaz to mine by adding some short fringe around the flap of the clutch and just love the extra detail it adds!

About The Yarn

I’ve had a bit of Lion Brand’s Fast Track Yarn left over since making the tote and last year came up with the idea of turning it into a matching clutch.  But I didn’t have a chance to design it until now.  

This yarn is in the “tape yarn” category as it is wide and flat (like tape). The particular yarn I used is in the weight 6 category, and has since been discontinued by Lion Brand Yarn. They replaced it with their Rewind yarn which is in the weight 5 category, so if you choose to use that make sure you can either meet gauge first, or you will need to increase the stitch count for each row by multiples of 2 to get the same size clutch (you may also need to add some rows of half double crochets to achieve height).

That all being said, there are other extra bulky weight tape yarns on the market, and a quick Google search will show you your best options out there.

About the Pattern

This pattern is easy enough to make, but experience in working the Star Stitch and the join-as-you-go method will also help. But even without experience with those, I have created a video tutorial for this pattern that I hope you find helpful!

This pattern starts at what will become the front portion of your pocket (located directly under the flap) with an easy row of single crochet stitches. From here you will begin to alternate rows of Star Stitches and half double crochet stitches, changing colors as you go. The trickiest part about this portion is paying attention to which side of the work you’re on, because there are a few times that rather then turning your work, you will fasten off and pick up your yarn at the start of the last row worked staying on the same side of your work. This is because the Star Stitch looks different on the wrong side, so it always needs to be worked on the right side of your work.

At the bottom of the pocket pattern will be a row of slip stitches worked into the front loops only. This row will help create a natural fold in your clutch (pretty cool, right?!?). After working a row of single crochets, you’ll work one final row of slip stitches. To complete the pocket from here, all you need to do is seam up the sides.

Once your pocket is complete, you will begin to work your half oval flap directly onto the pocket, joining to that last row of slip stitches as you go. These slip stitches will have pushed your stitches forward so that there is another natural fold in your work for the flap. This flap pattern is similar to the pocket pattern in alternating rows of star stitches and half double crochets, but since it is worked as a half oval, you will be increasing as you go so that it will lay flat once complete.

After finishing the flap pattern, your clutch is officially complete. But feel free to add some fringe details, as I have, for a more boho look. The fringe I used was made by adding 2 short strands of my main color yarn into every other stitch of my flap pattern. Trim the fringe for an even look, and that’ all there is to it!

The Pattern

What You Need 

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