Sunshine and Lavender on Sport



For the longest lasting color of our hand dyed yarns, it is best to hand wash only as needed and lay flat to dry and keep out of direct sunlight.  Please view yarn details in the Additional Information tab on the product page for length and best use of each yarn type. 

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This stunning colorway was inspired by the beauty of lavender on a bright sunny day.  Naturally died, this variegated yarn features vibrant yellows, with soft purples by using Osage and Logwood bark extracts and dyed on our Sport weight superwash merino. 


Please note that while we try to use only the most color and light fast dyes for our naturally dyed colorways, for the longest lasting results of the color and vibrance, it is still important to keep washing and light exposure of your yarn to minimum.  It is particularly important that you keep yarn dyed with logwood (our purple) out of direct sunlight, as it is not as light fast as some of our other dyes. 

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Yarn Type

Superwash Sport Merino

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