Not Your Granny’s Tee- Guest Blog Post

You guys! I am so excited to share this post with you!  I was given an opportunity to work with the very talented, very sweet and very encouraging Janne over at the Joy of Motion blog and share a free pattern on her blog.  If you have not been to her blog yet- you just have to check it out!  She is seriously my role model for designing garments!

IMG_0067This ‘Not Your Granny’s Tee’ was the pattern I decided to share on her blog, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do! While it is not yet available here, you can check out the Joy of Motion Blog to get the free pattern and read the full story behind this beautiful and modern take on the classic granny square.  You can also purchase the inexpensive PDF of this pattern from our Etsy or Ravelry shops.

I will also have it available here on A Purpose and A Stitch in a few months with a slightly different take and hopefully a few more sizes.

Last summer the idea had come to me to design and make a tank top out of granny squares, which is when I decided to design the Perfect Petal granny square.  I seriously love this granny square pattern, with all of its details and lace like features, it made for the perfect top and since designing this tee, I’ve already been dreaming up other applications for the granny square.


I love the idea styling this tee up or down, for warm or cold weather and even the idea of wearing it backwards!  Which way will you wear yours?

Regardless of how you make yours, I really do hope you enjoy this pattern.  I went through a short phase where I wondered if it was actually up to par with what I had imagined, and if I would be better off quickly designing a different pattern for the guest post.  BUT THEN I had my sister try it on (I had actually made mine with her size in mind) and wow!  All worries were instantly gone and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out.


The icing on the cake was seeing my testers complete theirs!  If I needed any more affirmation that this tee is beautiful, it was seeing in all the different sizes, on all the different body types.  Check out our Instagram feed to see some of our testers versions!

With all that said, I think you will find that this tee is both fun to make and flattering to wear!  So put those reservations aside and head over to the Joy of Motion Blog to get started on yours!


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