How to Crochet the Seed Stitch

The Crochet Seed Stitch is probably one of my favorite stitches at the moment.  Its right up there with the star stitch and braided cable stitch.

The main reason that I love it so is because it’s so incredibly easy to do and adds such beauty and complexity to any project.  Even if you are new to crochet, you are more then likely familiar with the single crochet and the double crochet.  If you can do those two stitches, then you can do the crochet seed stitch.  (Side note: knitting offers a seed stitch as well, which is why you will continue to hear me refer to this as the ‘crochet’ seed stitch).

To complete the Crochet Seed Stitch, I recommend you start out with a foundation chain in a multiple of two plus one (an odd number of stitches) this will make things a little easier to track later on. In this example, I chained 11 so each row will be 10 stitches long.


When working in a row (as opposed to in the round), turn your work, and single crochet into the 2nd chain from your hook.  In the next chain you will work a double crochet, from here you will continue to alternate between the single crochet and the double crochet until the end of the row.  fullsizeoutput_65f.jpegIf you made a foundation with an odd number of chains, then you should be ending the row in a double crochet. Chain 1, turn your work and single crochet into the last double crochet from the previous row.  This will be your pattern for the rest of the rows until your work is completed.

I hope this tutorial was helpful and enjoyable!  Got a question or comment?  Let me know!  I love to hear from my readers!

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seed stitch tutorial

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