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A few months back the question was posed, “Can I make the Galway Girl Glittens into regular mittens?”.  That was not something that had previously crossed my mind. If I’m being completely honest with you, I’m not a big fan of mittens.  I LOVE the way they look, but I am simply too much of a hand fidgeter to enjoy wearing them.  

But, it’s not all about me, right? LOL! So I ventured forth into creating a pattern that utilizes the base of my glitten pattern, but can be modified to make a regular pair of mittens for those who prefer them.  


It should be noted though, that these make for some pretty chunky and slightly loose mittens.  Where the fingers of the glitten pattern help secure the glittens in place, these mittens do not have that securing attribute.  Maybe you’ll think they’re a bit more comfy that way, but if you don’t like that idea I would recommend going down a hook size.

As stated, you will begin with the base of the glitten pattern, or the hand warmer pattern. To see the step by step tutorials for making the palm section, visit our Cozy Hand Warmer Blog Post here.



Once you have the Hand Warmer portion complete, you will start the mittens by continuing to work in the round upward.  The very next round after the hand warmer portion is complete, you will single crochet 13, work one decrease, then single crochet 13 more with one more decrease.  


You will continue to work upward for several rows single crocheting around.

Once the finger portion reaches just above the tip of your pinky (right around round 23), you will begin to close the top of the mitten by working several rounds of decreases around.

In the final round you will fasten off leaving a slight tail and weave that tail in and out around the top stitches.  Pull tight, tie off and weave the end in.


Last is adding the thumb.  Using your secondary yarn color, you will pull up 15 stitches around the thumb hole and start working outward from there.


The thumb is worked in continuous rounds, so get out your stitch marker here. 

Every few rounds will be a round of decreases, slightly closing the thumb as you go.

The last step will be worked the same as the last step of the fingers.  You will fasten off leaving a tail, weaving that tail in and out around the top stitches.  Pull tight to completely close the thumb, tie off and weave in the end.

That’s all there is to it!  I’m super excited about this line of patterns and hope you enjoyed them too!  




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