Chinese New Years Lamb/Sheep

Almost immediately after I got back into crocheting, my sister-in-law gave me a book on amigurumi patterns created by Tamie Snow of  You can purchase that book here.  I made several little animals from her book including a lion, elephant, penguin, hippo and turtle.  I couldn’t get over how adorable and small they were and loved how most amigurumi patterns only require your ability to single crochet, increase and decrease stitches.  Since I was a little rusty getting back into the game of crochet, amigurumi was an awesome way for me to perfect my basic crochet skills before jumping back into more complicated stitches.

They very first crochet blog I came across when looking for cute, free crochet patterns on Pinterest was  Stephanie of All About Ami has created some of the most beautiful, adorable and easy to read patterns I have come across to date.  Back in 2011 she started her Chinese New Years collection starring a Chinese New Years doll.  She has since added a: Dragon, Snake, Pony, Monkey, Rooster, and my personal favorite, Lamb.

fullsizeoutput_64fI realize that 2018 is the year of the dog, not the sheep, but it’s a New Year nonetheless and this little one is just the cutest!

I had been itching to make Lambert the Lamb since I first found the pattern and finally found my opportunity early last year while on vacation.  A friend of ours was expecting their first baby girl and I thought a small amigurumi lamb would be perfect for her.

I absolutely loved making this pattern and found the step-by-step instructions and photos incredibly helpful.

I also ended up sewing together a small bow for the lamb and matching baby bow, which Audrey is modeling for us here.   fullsizeoutput_64a

To make the bow for the lamb, I simply cut a small rectangle piece of fabric, stitched all the edges together and then pinched the middle down with a piece of embroidery floss.  I then attached it straight to the lambs head with the tail left from the embroidery floss.

For the baby head band, I used a piece of elastic ribbon I found at my local craft store.  I measured it to Audrey’s head and stitched the two ends together.  I then followed the same principal for the lamb’s bow just a bit bigger for the baby-sized bow.  I used a smaller piece of the elastic ribbon to pinch the middle together and fastened it all up.

Making this pattern and the accompanied baby head band was so much fun!  I am a huge fan of taking a craft project and adding your own touch and ideas to let your personality shine through.

What ways have you found that are fun to make a craft project your own?

**Once Again, I did not create the pattern for the Chinese New Years Lamb/Sheep.  Original creative ownership belongs to Stephanie Lau of All About Ami.  You can view the free pattern on her website here.**

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